Our history


In 1927 William Thompson began as a tea merchant in Bethnal Green.

When William passed away, his son, Bill a commodity broker, returned to the family Tea business but he stoped using ‘lead-lined’ tea chests that had been used by his father.

Industry was steadily being rebuilt after the results of World War II.

Bill decided to recycle the emerging carton board box by turning it inside out to reuse them by disguising the existing artwork.

Bill was an early advocate for sustainable corrugated packaging.


1950s, Basildon.

Bill’s vision in packaging gave him the insight to set up a corrugated box manufacturing plant.

It later moved in 1971 to Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk. 

1972, Norwich

Bill went on to set up Norwich Corrugated Board in Fishergate. This has become one of Great Britain’s largest sheet board manufacturers.


The business thrived in Norfolk. It was so successful, that two sons of Bill, Nick and Martin, decided that Norwich and East Anglia needed a case conversion factory.

In 1984 Thompson Packaging Ltd. was formed.

The newly formed Thompson Packaging rapidly entered the corrugated case market and began supplying many household names.

Thompson Packaging continues to work with a diversity of customers over a broad spectrum of industries and throughout the UK.


Thompson Packaging has continued to grow as more and more companies choose substantial and ecological alternatives to package their products.

As an independent, family run business, we understand our customers need for speed, efficiency, service and of course competitive pricing.


Machinery investment continues to increase speed, efficiency and quality


2018 saw the completion of a 1,000 square metre extension which houses our new automatic die cutting machine, increasing capacity by 1000%. Large orders can keep prices competitive.


2019 sees the installation of our new case-maker, improving efficiency and ultimately keeping our prices competitive while retaining quality.

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