How does it work?

Thompson Packaging aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and recycling is important to our company's ethics.

Did you know?

Thompson Corrugated boxes are manufactured from sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable, renewable and re-usable. Unlike other reusable packaging, corrugated packaging eliminates the need to use hazardous cleaning substances and for lorries to make unnecessary trips to collect it, therefore cutting down on fossil fuel wastage and being far more environmentally sustainable. In addition, it can offer savings of up to 20% on handling and storage costs over traditional non-recyclable packaging methods.

Corrugated board protects around 75% of our packaged goods in transit, it is the perfect in-store advertising and display medium and a convenient method of carriage and storage for consumers. In addition to its sustainability, corrugated packaging brings generous cost-efficiencies and value-gains to producers, distributors, retailers and shoppers alike.