Why choose corrugated packaging over plastics?

Before the popularity of BBC nature programmes and medias focus on ocean pollution, it was general knowledge for the packaging industry and their products themselves to get bad press.

Non-recyclable materials gave use of far too much plastic, exuberant use of resources and excessive waste. This waste rubbish has harmed marine life and our environment. We must use biodegradable materials to stop these ecological consequences.

Corrugated board is biodegradable. 

Recyclable packaging

Corrugated packaging is highly regarded as being environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is can be easily recycled by end users. The raw material is carefully managed (in fact it is estimated that there are more trees in the world today than there were 100 years ago). Besides this, the perception of corrugated packaging can be key in brand positioning and consumer perception.

Regard for corrugated

Corrugated cardboard packaging has well established recycling streams, uses biodegradable materials and offers excellent performance within transit. 

Forests are replanted and replaced with investment by companies that care for our future while sustaining consumer requiement.

Look to eliminate plastics from your packaging switch to recyclable packaging.

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